vegan recipes to freeze


vegan recipes to freeze

vegan recipes to freeze


I've always been a fan of the idea of freezing food. But it wasn't until I became vegan that I got into the habit. And while many people think that you can only freeze things like potatoes or pasta, there are so many more delicious meals you can make in advance! These recipes not only taste great but also save time in your busy day-to-day life by allowing you to prepare them ahead of time.


  • If you're going to make a cheesecake, it's best to use a springform pan.

  • If you don't have one of these handy little pans, use an aluminum-foil-lined baking sheet instead.

  • You can easily make this even easier by using an electric mixer or hand blender instead of your oven to bake the crust and then freeze it for later use in the freezer after making this recipe below!


                  vegan recipes to freeze  You can easily make your own pizza at home, but if you want to freeze it and have it ready when you're craving a slice, follow these tips:

  • Make sure the crust is made of a non-dairy milk. The key to making good frozen pizzas is that they should be baked at low temperatures for long periods of time. This prevents their moisture from escaping too quickly, which means that when you thaw them out later on in your freezer (or fridge), they won't become soggy or crumbly like regular store bought ones might do.

  • Cover them with oil before putting them into the oven! Oils help prevent air bubbles from forming during baking and also keep out any moisture so that nothing gets ruined by condensation occurring over time - all without adding extra calories either! Just make sure not too much goes onto each slice because we don't want our mouths smelling like an olive garden after eating one too many slices...


Quiche is a savory pie that's easy to make and freeze. It has a custard filling, but doesn't have any eggs or dairy. Quiche can be made with any type of crust you like—baked pastry dough, piecrust, or even homemade tortillas!


  • 2 cups whole milk (or soy milk)

  • 1 cup water

  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch or arrowroot powder (optional) You may also want to add some nutritional yeast flakes if you're looking for extra flavor. This will give your quiche a cheesy taste so feel free to add them at will!

Crockpot meals

Crockpots are a great way to cook meals when you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They can be used on their own, or they can be set to cook at a certain time and then left on low heat so that the food will simmer away while you do other things (or even go out). The best part is that most crockpots come with an automatic timer that makes it super easy for anyone who doesn't have much experience cooking—even if they're not vegan!

Here are some tips for using your crockpot:

  • Keep extra ingredients in mind when planning meals. For example, try adding more veggies into your stew or pasta sauce than usual because this will help keep them from drying out as quickly during storage (and make sure not too much salt goes into any recipe). If you're making something like lentil soup then add extra carrots or potatoes; otherwise don't worry about how many vegetables go into each serving since there won't be enough left over anyway after freezing--just throw whatever needs refrigerating back into the freezer bag along with everything else except meat substitutes like tofu veggie burgers which we'll talk about next time!"

Sausage and beans

  • Make sure you have enough beans for the recipe.

  • Make sure you have enough sausage for the recipe.

  • Make sure you have a large enough container for the recipe (and if not, use two).

  • Make sure your freezer is big enough to store all of this stuff in!


Pizza is one of the most popular meals in the world, and it’s easy to make vegan. You can make it with any kind of cheese or sauce you want—and if you don’t have an oven, no problem! You can even use a microwave to heat up your pizza in minutes.

  • This recipe makes two large pizzas: one with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and another with pesto sauce and vegan parmesan cheese.*

You can make frozen vegan meals so long as you know how to freeze them.

You can make frozen vegan meals so long as you know how to freeze them. There are a few ways that you can freeze food, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Frozen in liquid: This method involves freezing fruit or vegetables in their own juices or purees. The result is a creamy texture that makes it easier for people who are sensitive to certain ingredients, such as dairy products or nuts (if the recipe calls for them).

  • Frozen solid: This method involves freezing veggies whole on trays until they're hard enough not to crumble when thawed out later on—then just chop them up before cooking! As long as there isn't too much moisture left inside after processing (and if there is), this method works perfectly well too; just remember not only how much liquid has been removed from each batch but also which produce item category(s) were used during processing—you'll need different quantities depending on what kind of product was originally mixed together beforehand!


If you have any questions about freezing or preparing food for the freezer, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!


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